Mysore to Bandipur Tour Packages

The first thing that comes to mind when someone says Bandipur safari is that, 70 tigers, 3000 elephants, and the jeep which we use for safari at there. The forest which is spread over 3 states is called by 3 different names in each state. It is called as Bandipur in Karnataka; called as Mudumalai forest in Tamilnadu; and called by name Muthanga in Kerala. It has been estimated that it is the habitat for 32 cheetahs, 70 tigers, 3000 elephants, 12000 deers and 28000 other wildlife species as per wildlife census of 1997.

The maharaja of that time Krishnaraja wodeyar donated 80-acre land to the forest which was spread over area of minimum of 880 acres, and established tiger reserve unit and became the reason for the increase in tiger’s progeny. Supreme Court has issued a strict order that movements of the vehicles are strictly prohibited from night 9pm till morning 6am to conserve the wildlife. That order is still being followed in Mysore Ooty road strictly.

This beautiful forest is just 90 Km’s away from mysore and it can be visited in one day. Each jeep will depart for safari every minute from 6 am to 9 am and then from 4 pm till 6 pm. You can also plan for the next tourist spot after finishing this safari within an hour.

Mysore to Bandipur One Day Safari.

Duration:  8 hours/200 km’s

We will take directly to Bandipur from Mysore, and finish your safari and take you straight to Gopala Swamy hills. After visiting this nature’s wonder we will take you directly to Nanjanagud temple, there you will have the darshan of the god at Nanjundeshwara temple. After that, we will finish your Mysore to Bandipur one-day package by dropping you at Mysore.

Mysore to Bandipur Night stay packages

We would like that you spend your night staying at the middle of the forest. If you opt for 2 days Mysore to Bandipur tour package, we will take you to Gopalaswamy hills directly from Mysore. We will give you a lot of time to spend your time there. Afternoon we will take you to Bandipur and we will have you checked in at your Jungle stay. From there we will take you to Bandipur Safari. After your safari,

we will leave you back at Jungle Lodge. After you spend your amazing night in the middle of the forest, we will take you to safari again in the morning because there is a chance that you get to see different animals at different of the day. From here we will take you to Nanjanagud which is also called as Dakshina Kashi and here we will let you have your god’s darshan. From here, your one-night Bandipur jungle tour package will come to the end after we drop you back at Mysore.

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