Bird Sanctuary Mysore

  • Tourist Attraction Name: Bird Sanctuary & Ranganathittu
  • Open and Closing Timings: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM, Everyday
  • Entry Fee : Indians: Adults Rs. 75 Children: Rs.25,
  • Foreigners: Adult: Rs.500
    Foreigners Children: Rs.250
  • Trip Duration (Including Travel): 2-3 Hours
  • Main Attractions: Boating And 150 Types of Birds
  • Parking Fees : Bus: Rs.150, Car: Rs.60
  • Boating Charges : Indians: Adults Rs. 100 Children: Rs.35,
    Foreigners: Adult: Rs.500
    Foreigners Children: Rs.250
  • Nearest City: Srirangapatna, Mysore
  • Best Time to Visit: June to November
  • Camera Charges: Rs.150 for Large Camera
  • Transportation Options: Bus / Cab
  • Landmark: Near Brindavan Gardens, Mandya
  • Address: Near Brindavan gardens, Krishnarajasagar
    Dam Road, Mandya, Karnataka, 571401, India
  • Location: Mandya district, Karnataka
  • Phone Number: 094350 15419

Mysore to Bird Sanctuary Go With Mysore Adda

Dr. Salim Ali is the only ornithologist that India has seen. He was identified as birds of India. He dedicated his whole life to the study of birds. While he was roaming different countries studying birds, somehow in 1940 Mysore state’s Mandya district’s Kaveri backwaters caught his eyes where he saw birds were reproducing. So immediately he proposed Mysore province’s maharaja Narasimharaja wodeyar to upgrade the place. Without further delay maharaja bought 40 acres of land from the farmers. He divided this land into 6 islands of Kaveri Backwaters. After 2 years of the completion of this instant work, birds from England, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil started to come here. Even the Maharaja was amazed by seeing this. This was named Ranganatittu bird Sanctuary as Ranganathaswamy Temple was only 3 kilometers away from here.

Is the Bird Sanctuary worth watching and what do we have to do here? 

When we undertake the ‘Mysore one-day tour‘, we decide to relax here for a long time. The breeze and cool environment doesn’t let you go out of here. How can we leave when we can see 140 species of different countries’ birds in one single place. You can see shag, white ibis, kingfisher and egrets, and other 150 species of birds which have migrated here. Boating facility is available here. You can see the whole bird Sanctuary in just one hour via boating.

How to plan Ranganatittu Bird Sanctuary and How to reach Bird Sanctuary.

You can visit Bird Sanctuary anytime from 10 am till 5 pm. Most of the tourists prefer afternoon 12 to 3 to avoid the heat of sun. But it is not an appropriate time during the Mysore One Day Trip. Afternoon, the selection of this place is suitable while you visit Brindavan garden.
It is 3 kilometers and 15 minutes away from Srirangapatna and 19 kilometers and half hour journey from Mysore to reach Ranganatittu bird Sanctuary. It can be reached easily through cars, bikes, taxis, and government buses. And also you can visit from us by opting for a half-day tour.
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