Mysore to Br Hills

B R Hills

This region which is called by the name BR Hills or Biligirirangana Betta is like a heaven for the tourists. This BR hill doesn’t come under the list where one region is limited only for one single place. Here, you have water to swim, Biligiri Ranganathaswamy to pray, Hotels for food and beverages, and resorts like Jungle lodges to stay during nights. This tourist spot is just about 80 km from Mysore. You’ll reach the top of the hill around 11 am if you leave Mysore around 8 or 9 am after having your breakfast. There’s a lot to do in BR hills to spend one complete day. You can enjoy river rafting, jungle safari, jeep safari, elephant safari. And you can also see 2-millennium old “Dodda Sampige Mara” without any fees.

How do I get to BR hills from Mysore?

It takes about 2 hours to reach Biligirirangana Betta which is located in Chamarajanagar district from Mysore via T Narsipura and yalandur. You can reach BR hills through Ksrtc buses or private taxis. It is appropriate to choose a private car if you take a  Mysore to BR hills day tour package.

Mysore To BR hills one day trip by car

If you take a one-day tour package from Mysore to br hills, you can visit Gargeshwari temple, tirumakoodalu temple, Triveni Sangam, Biligiri Ranganathaswamy Temple, and K Gudi jungle safari in just Rs.2499/- and return to Mysore.


Mysore To BR hills one-day tour Itinerary

We will pick you anywhere in Mysore and take you directly to ‘future telling’ Ganesha temple at Gargeshwari. After the darshan here, you’ll be move on for the darshan at Triveni Sangama at tirumakoodalu. You’ll get some time to have some relaxation amidst nature at Triveni sangama which is the confluence of 3 rivers Kaveri, kapila and spatika. From here we’ll go to Biligirirangana Betta via yalandur. First you will have Darshan of Biligiri Ranganathaswamy swamy and then inside the temple, there are big ‘padukas’ of ranganaatha swaami.

One more surprising fact is that it is eroding day by day. There is a belief that those padukas are eroding because the god wears them and roams around the hills during the night. After having your sight filled with delight in there, you’ll come out and take photos of the aerial view at the hill’s top. From here, after spending 2 hours at BR hills’ river rafting, you’ll go to k gudi for safari. By the time you finish the safari the time will 6 pm. ‘Mysore to BR hills one-day short trip’ will be completed after you reach Mysore from there.

What to do in BR hills. 

At BR hills you can have the darshan of Biligiri Ranganathaswamy Swamy, take photos wherever you want, and trekk the BR hills, Play some adventure sports at BR hills’ river rafting, you can go for Jeep safari. And also you can have some rest at jungle lodges.

How many Tigers are there at BR Hills?

The forest area of the Biligirirangana Betta is spread around a minimum of 650 kilometers area, and according to the study of 2007, 100 tigers have been spotted here. If you take the morning safari, you can see them yourself.

Is BR Hills worth visiting? 

You won’t ask this question after you return from BR hills. The BR hills region is completely surrounded by forest, not only you’ll be delighted by the nature here but also you’ll inspire others to visit here.

Br hills Distance from Mysore 86kms

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