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There had been no sunrise in Mysore for the past 5 days because of Asani cyclone. The intensity of rain has been decreased from today and locals witnessed sunrise at 6:15 today had a sigh of relief. The people who haven’t went outside for the promenade from last 4-5 days have begun to breath fresh oxygen around Chamundi Hills, kukkarahalli lake and Mysore Palace. Tourists are happily enjoying the mist-covered Mysore by coming out of hotels. Rivers and waterfalls nearby Mysore have become torrential. Therefore tourists are searching for river bank regions like balamuri falls, yedamuri falls, talakadu, Shivanasamudra, kaveri Nisarghadhama, kabini backwaters. Understanding these circumstances, Mysore Adda has put together a creative travel list like kokkare bellur, Ranganatittu bird Sanctuary, and Gopalaswamy hills. Mysore Adda is working 24 hours in order to look that these days are not misused by comprehending what are necessary and what are unnecessary for the tourists.


Starts @ 500


Starts @ 500


Starts @ 500


Starts @ 500

Mysore to Coorg Cab for 3 Days

Starts @ 8400/-

Mysore to Bandipur

Starts @ 500

Mysore To Shivanasamudra

Starts @ 500

After taking numerous National and International trips for 15 long years, we serve our clients as tour operators in Mysore. If you happen to look for a Travel Agency in Mysore, you must reach out to us immediately. When most people think of Mysore travels, they think of us. Regardless of the type or scale of the trip you are planning; we will help you understand its requirements. We have used our own travel experiences – both good and unpleasant – to prepare travel itineraries and plans for you. Every time you come to us, we will put together a customized plan that would suit you the best. We will help you find the solution to any problem you might be facing and do our best to ensure a memorable trip. We will work with you towards creating a plan that would lead you to your dream vacation.

To date, we have organized close to 15000 tour packages for travellers with different requirements and sensibilities. That is more than the number of trips or tours most tour operators in Mysore have organized. We prioritize the comfort and necessities of our clients over everything else. We were organizing trips that lasted for anywhere between 1-10 days for the longest time. Keeping the requirements of our clients in mind, we have now started organizing short trips, which last for a day or two, from Mysore. We understand the fact that every traveller is different from the other. That is why instead of offering standardized plans; we offer each of our clients a customized plan that is specifically designed for them.

Since we have gone through a myriad of experiences as tourists, we, as tour operators in Mysore, realize the importance of organizing a well-planned trip that remains etched in your memory forever.

For every trip you wish to be comfortable and memorable, reach out to us.

Sp Kakade - Santhosh Shadakshari


If you have questions like ‘Which is the Best Travel Agency in Mysore?’ or ‘which travel agency I should go to for my trip?’ running through your mind, then we request you to try us out once. You will find the answer to these questions yourself. If you google ‘Travels in Mysore’ or ‘Mysore Tours and Travels’, one of the names that will pop up on the internet is Mysore Adda! As a travel agency in Mysore, we believe in delivering the best possible service to our customers. If you want to explore Mysore and the areas surrounding it, we will guide you on the places you should visit and make all the necessary arrangements for hotel bookings and taxi services. We will also provide you with experienced and well-informed tour guides to familiarize you with the area.

Mysore is a city that boasts of a rich cultural heritage and several places of historical significance. Of course, many contemporary places deserve your attention too. You need a good travel agent in Mysore to visit all the wonderful places. That is where we come into the picture. Apart from the popular tourist spots, we will also take you to several lesser-known areas that would be worth your time. From the magnificence of the Mysore Palace to the rare wild species in Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens, we will make sure you get to see a glimpse of everything that makes Mysore the incredible city it is.

Lakhs of tourists visit Mysore every single day. While many of them return with pleasant memories, some wish for their trip to have been better. There are very few cities globally that are as dynamic and tourist-friendly as Mysore. However, the ‘experience’ of visiting it becomes special only when you have a good travel agent in Mysore to lead you in the right direction. As tour operators, we try to do that job well to the best of our abilities. So, instead of going through the confusing web pages that pop up when you type ‘best tour operators in Mysore’ on Google, you can simply call Mysore Adda on +91 9945175656. If you are already in Mysore, you can visit us in our office. We will provide you with the right solutions to all your travel-based requirements.

Tour Packages From Mysore

Bandipur National Park
• Nagarhole National Park
• Shivanasamudra Falls
• Shravanabelagola Statue of Gommateshwara
• Somnathpur historical places
•  Talakadu Panchalinga Darshan
• Golden Temple / Tibetan
• Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary
• Masinagudi Tiger Reserve
• Melukote Hill Temple
• Biligiri Ranga Hills / BR Hills
• Chunchanakatte Falls
• Kokkare Bellur Bird Sanctuary
• Adichunchanagiri Hill Temple

Weekend Tour Packages With MYSORE ADDA

Regardless of your profession, you cannot help but feel exhausted after working for several hours throughout the weekdays. The importance of a weekend getaway is something that most people have come to realize with time. Going on a weekend trip with family, friends or just by yourself helps you rejuvenate yourself and come back with a healthier mind and a happier heart. In India, people divide travel into different categories. With the elders in our family, we plan a pilgrimage. With friends, we plan on visiting cities that have a variety of tourist attractions. Each travel experience is different but unique and beautiful in its own way.

Multiple factors contribute towards making our travel experiences different from each other. When we travel with our families, we tend to carry home-cooked food at least on the first day of the trip. The ladies in the house even manage to pack in some delicious snack items that last for a couple of days. The day before you are scheduled to travel, the entire family sits down and starts discussing all the exciting things they would do during the trip.

Travelling with friends is a completely different experience altogether. No food is carried, and plans are made along the way. Food and accommodation are figured out as we keep moving to newer places offering endless adventure. While we like to go on bike trips with our friends till a certain age, we tend to prefer the comfort offered by chauffeur-driven cars or taxis with time. Since travelling itself consumes so much energy, most people do not wish to drive their families around themselves. We do not provide our clients with ordinary taxis. Under our Mysore car travel plan, we offer them extremely safe, comfortable taxis and come equipped with several entertainment-based options, including a music system. 

Whether it is finding the right tour guide or a good hotel, we will assist you every step of the way. You have the fun and let us deal with the responsibilities. We will go the extra mile to ensure that you do not face any discomfort while travelling around and your trip turns out to be more enjoyable than you had expected it to.

Because when you are on vacation, the only thing you should be worrying about is putting on some extra kilos!


Day Tour Packages

Local Tour Packages

Jungle Tour Packages


We are basically a Mysore Native. We organize tourist packages in and around Mysore.

While we have a plethora of tour plans that you can choose from, we are also open to the idea of creating customized or specialized plans based on your requirement and needs. Once you share your budget and expectations from the trip, we will design a travel plan that would suit you the best. We organize one-day tours to Madikeri, Belur, Halebeedu, Bandipur, Dubare and Ooty. If you want to go on a weekend tour to the famous Nagarhole National Park, we will get it done too.

We do extensive background checks on our drivers and ensure they are well-mannered and friendly. Since 2002, we have organized 17846 tours and earned the smile and appreciation of our customers through each of them. As a result of our endeavours, the net profit of our company stands at Rs.1,25,000. Over the years, we have painstakingly built our reputation as one of the best Mysore tours and travel companies. While most travel agencies in Mysore largely offer tour packages of Ooty and Madikeri to earn huge profits, we give our customers a variety of packages to choose from. For us, customer satisfaction is more important than anything.

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