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Mysore To Shivanasamudra

Mysore To Shivanasamudra One Day Short trip.

Waterfall near Mysore within 75 km. 

People visiting Shivanasamudra with family members is more than the people visiting with friends. A one-day short trip here can be done effortlessly during holidays or weekends. Have you ever heard of twin waterfalls? It is possible here. These gaganachukki and bharachukki twin falls plunge from the height of 200 feet. To enjoy this genuine scene of the falls, October to December is the optimal time. One of the nearest waterfalls from Mysore, this Shivanasamudra can be reached in 2 hours from Mysore via bannur, malavalli. District administration of Mandya conducts a waterfall carnival every year. The carnival which is conducted during Dasara season will be majestic and decorated with lights. More tourists visit here during that time.

How do I plan Mysore to Shivanasamudra for one day trip? 

People of Mysore usually plan impulsively to visit gaganachukki bharachukki waterfalls. As soon as Mandya’s KRS dam is reached 130 feet after the rainfall in Coorg, the water from the dam is let out. Comprehending this, Mysoreans plan to book Mysore to Shivanasamudra one day trip. The water from river let out from the dam, reaches balamuri and yedamuri first, and from there via ranganatittu, sriraangapattana, nimishamba, and bannur it flows towards Shivanasamudra. When it reaches here it gets bifurcated into gaganachukki, bharachukki, and plunges to the ground. Generally, the 5 months between August and December is the perfect time to visit here.


You can plan to visit Mysore to Shivanasamudra during weekends or any time of the week. We suggest you visit during the weekdays as the number tourists will be less comparatively and you can spend more time in the water. Usually, if you leave Mysore after your breakfast around 9, you’ll visit t narsipur’s Triveni sangama and tirumakoodalu temple first. Then from there panchalingeshwara temple at Talakadu and also after visiting one of the panchalingas mallikarjuna swamy temple at mudukutore and reach Shivanasamudra. After spending more time at Gaganachukki, bharachukki waterfalls and taking some rest, you will visit Bannur’s Somnatha temple via malavalli. By now it’ll be evening. From here you can return to Mysore or visit Brindavan garden at srirangapatna. The choice is left to the tourists.

How far is Shivanasamudra from Mysore? 

There are 3 or 4 routes to reach Shivanasamudra, but Mysore to bannur, malavalli route is the best one. To reach this distance of 75 km, approximately 2 hours of time is required.

Mysore Bus stand To Shivanasamudra is 75 km

Mysore railway station to Shivanasamudra is 76 km

Mysore To Shivanasamudra by bus is 2½ hours.

Mysore To Shivanasamudra By Car is 1½ hours.

Can we take bath in Shivanasamudra? 

Here there are 2 waterfalls. Gaganachukki and bharachukki. Water plunges from 200 feet at bharachukki. You can swim here. Steps have been laid out systematically here and you can swim without any problem.

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