One Day Trip To Mysore

One Day Trip To Mysore By Tourist Cab

Vehicle TypeFareParking / Entry Fees
Tata Indica 4+12000.00Extra
Toyota Etios Liva2200.00Extra
Toyota Etios, Swift Dzire 4+12500.00Extra
Chevrolet Tavera3000.00Extra
Toyota Innova 7+1 3500.00Extra
Toyota Innova Cryssta 7+1 4000.00Extra
Tempo Traveller 12+14000.00Extra

Mysore’s one-day sightseeing package includes 10 hours 100 km. The places listed by us come under 100 km coverage.

Mysore Adda sightseeing travel agency has reserved well-equipped tourist cabs with an experienced driver for sightseeing the list of 15 places in one tour starting from just 1800 rupees.

15 Best Top-Rated Places to Visit in Mysore In One Day

  • Chamundeshwari Temple
  • Mahishasur Statue
  • Nandi Bull Temple
  • Sand Museum
  • Wax Museum
  • Karanji Lake
  • Mysore zoo
  • Mysore Palace
  • Jaganmohan Palace
  • St Philomena’s Church
  • Srirangapatna Temple
  • Tipu’s Death place
  • Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace
  • Ranganathittu, Bird Sanctuary
  • Brindavan Garden ( KRS )

It takes about two hours to visit Mysore Zoo, and Mysore palace each out of the 15 places that we have listed. Brindavan gardens will take about an hour to see. Rest of the places can be visited in 30 minutes’ time. You add half an hour or so for lunch. (We have not allotted visiting time here. You can take as much time as you wish.)

Questions always asked by people who does Mysore one-day travel package

In how much kilometer and time range does the Mysore one-day tour come?

Mysore local sightseeing packages cover 10 hours 100 km coverage. The list of places which we have mentioned comes within 100 km range.

At what time Mysore one-day car package starts and at what time does it end?

It starts from 8:30 am in the morning and ends at Mysore city at 8:30 pm after visiting Brindavan garden.

Can we customize the list of sightseeing places that were given by you?

Mysore Adda travel agency gets adjusted to the satisfaction of the customers. Therefore you can customize it as per your convenience and go wherever you like within 100 km range.

What will be the cost of toll and parking charges in Mysore one-day darshan?

There will not be any toll road while doing Mysore sightseeing. And the parking cost will be around 300-400 rs for an entire day.

If Mysore one-day trip is booked with you, does your driver have knowledge about local areas and what languages can he speak?

Since Mysore Adda tourist cab drivers are Mysore natives, they will guide regarding the tourist spots. They speak English, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, and Telugu languages fluently.

What to do to book a Mysore one-day tour package with Mysore Adda Travel Agency?

It is very easy. While booking local sightseeing, just calling or pinging on Whatsapp to the number given below is enough. We will book the cab packages based on the number of people traveling.

Which car is the lowest fare among Mysore one-day sightseeing tourist cabs?

A hatchback tata indica vehicle costs just Rs.1800/- for Mysore one-day trip.

Is air conditioning available in your tourist cabs?

All our local taxis have an air condition facility, ac, and non-ac fare has been assigned separately. You opt this while booking the cabs.

Is there any extra fare while doing Mysore one-day tour?

Mysore Adda has been appreciated continuously for the past 15 years. That is because of the behavior of our drivers and staff and also no extra charges will be levied. Only the fare which was mentioned while booking will be taken.

How many days does it require to do the entire Mysore sightseeing?

It takes 2 days to do the entire Mysore darshan. But Mysore Adda travel agency has listed important tourist spots and planned to do sightseeing in one day.

Which are vehicles available in your fleet?

For the tourists who choose ‘travels in Mysore for sightseeing, we have reserved Tata Indica, Toyota Etios, swift Dzire, Chevrolet Tavera, Toyota Innova, Innova crystal, and for group travelers 12 seater tempo and 20 seat minibus has been reserved.

From where does the Mysore one-day travel start?

Pick up and drop facility for Mysore day sightseeing will be provided from anywhere in Mysore city like railway station, bus stand, hotel or any corner of Mysore city.

Mysore One Day Sightseeing Tour Itinerary

Mysore Darshan starts at 8 am from your place and ends at 8.30 pm by drop. (Timings can be customized as per your convenience)

If you are sitting anywhere in Mysore, our white uniform-worn driver will pick you up and find out whether you had breakfast or not. If you want to have breakfast then he will take you to Vinayaka mylari or Gayatri tiffin room to savor the Mysore mallige idli or Mysore masala dose and stop the car for half an hour.

  • Chamundeshwari Temple

After breakfast, you will be taken to 12th-century Chamundi hill and start Mysore’s one-day tour with devotion. The temple is situated at 13 km from Mysore city. Initially our driver will request you to fasten your seatbelt near tavarekatte the foothill of the Chamundi hills. From here the vehicle will start climbing the Chamundi hills which is 3489 feet above the sea level at the speed of 40kmph. As you start climbing the hills, old Mysore and new Mysore can be seen in small sizes. If you move a little ahead from there you will come across a giant statue of a monster. That is the statue of Mahishasura who was slain by goddess chamundeshwari. You get down the vehicle and take some snaps in front of the statue. From here after walking a while a 5 shrine tower will attract you. That is the temple of Mysore province’s Mysore maharaja’s tutelary deity Goddess chamundeshwari. Here you will find free entrance and 100 rs special entry doors. (Selecting the entrance is your choice). From here if you come to the parking lot our driver will take you to the next historical location which is Nandi temple.

  • Nandi bull temple

Nandi temple is an open Basavanna temple where mastakabhisheka takes place once in every five years. Nandi has been blessing people for the past 363 years without getting foible for rain and storms. You can reach chamundi hills from here by trekking 1000 steps. This is an apt location for photoshoots with phenomenal scenery. You can enjoy gooseberries and sugarcane juice. Apart from that you can also feed groundnuts and bananas to the monkeys. After spending about 30 minutes here our cab starts to descend the hill. From here our cab starts to move towards the next stop of one day tour, Sand Museum.

  • Sand Museum

Sand Museum is making a lot of sound in recently in the list of Mysore one-day sightseeing places. Tourists arriving wish to include this place to their list. The first thing that comes to mind when we hear sand is the beach. It is a must-watch place when the same 750 truck load of sand has been used to create more than 150 sand sculptures. Entire Karnataka’s history beginning with the Chamundeshwari sculpture made out of sand can be seen here. There is no need to reserve time to visit here as it is located at the foothills of Chamundi hills and can be watched on the way to the hills. This place is the third one on your list which takes 30 minutes to watch. From here our air-conditioned vehicle will stop at 4th tourist spot wax museum.

  • Wax Museum

Mysore is renowned for traditional buildings in India. A Wax museum is included in those ancient buildings. More than 100s of wax sculptures are beautifully carved in a building which is about 90 years old. It is very convenient for the tourists as it is located in Siddhartha layout which is just 3 km away from Mysore Amba Vilas palace. This private Museum is owned by Mr.Bhaskar G for the past 15 years with utmost care. This place can be watched in just 30 minutes for just 50 rs. From here our Mysore Adda Travel Agency’s smiling driver will pass in front of traditional horse force to our 4th tourist spot opposite karanji lake.

  • Mysore Palace

mysore palace night view with mysore adda

Mysore Palace Night View With Mysore Adda

The word Mysore palace is Energy (Shakti) and devotion (Bhakti) for the people of Karnataka. But for the tourists, Mysore palace is a dream and imagination. Even today it has remained Karnataka’s devotion and energy because the people of royal heritage conduct durbars and processions even today. But the palace is an imagination for the tourists who have not seen it and a dream for the tourists who have seen it. The Mysore palace possesses such a kind of attraction in itself. If Mysore one trip is planned, two hours of tour’s duration has been kept aside for the sightseeing of Mysore palace. That too, Palace sightseeing will be meaningful only when you watch it from Balarama and Jayamartanda main gates, and when you touch the golden throne, silver gateway. Mysore Adda has selected this attractive place which has to be seen in lifetime as the 7 spot in Mysore’s one-day tour. By the time you finish sightseeing the palace, time would start to call you out for lunch. From here our driver who has local knowledge will give an hour’s time to savor Mysore’s taste.

Mysore One Day Trip

Mysore City the capital city of Mysore province has been attracting the visiting tourists with its own heritage. That too, for the tourists who are visiting Mysore for the first time who will be in dilemma that what to do and what to see; Mysore Adda has prepared a list of 15 tourist spots to visit in Mysore with lot of care. And also arranged to visit them. Seems surprising, isn’t it! But it is true. We have successfully completed about 42000 one-day trips. Depending on the number of tourists air-conditioned cabs with trained tour guides will be reserved to introduce 15 famed tourist locations just in one day from 9 am to 8 pm. Not only that, you can also spend time like your wish in those places.

Mysore is a place with cool and awesome weather because of the river Cauvery that surrounds the city. The agricultural activities will be active always because the river Kaveri flows throughout the year. The main reason for this is Sir M Vishwerayya and Maharaja Krishnadevaraya Wodeyar who built the KRS dam across the river and made Mysore a cool area. Therefore Mysore weather remains cool even in summer. After 5 PM the temperature automatically decreases and the whole Mysore district will have chill weather. The trees on the sidewalks and parks in Mysore city are the great sight for our eyes. The greenery and clean roads attract the tourists visiting here.

One more specialty of the city is the traditional and cultural buildings. The governments have been supervising them in order to save the heritage of the city. A separate budget will be allocated for celebrating the Mysore Dasara. The whole city will be decorated with lights making it more beautiful than ever.

Mysore Local Sightseeing Car Packages Price

Tata Indica 4+1- ₹1800Toyota Etios 4+1- ₹2200Chevrolet Tavera 8+1 – ₹ 3000Toyota Innova7+1 -₹3500Innova Crysta7+1 – ₹3750, Tempo Traveller-12+1 ₹3800.

(The below given Mysore day car packages have different prices for ac and non-ac. And it includes the driver charges)

  • All the tours can be customized depending on your needs, the time you have to cover these places, and the places that you would like to visit. For more information regarding this please contact us beforehand.
  • During your one-day tour, you can always skip any tourist spot or add a new place. If you have any other necessities do inform us and we will try to arrange them or we will adjust to your necessity.
  • If you book one day tour with us, after the trip we will arrange a private tour to wherever you need to go.

Mysore Local Tour Packages Price by cab.

We have included cab fare, driver’s fare, and diesel fare in our Mysore local tour package. As there are no tolls in Mysore complete day sightseeing, we have not included parking charges. Because at some places parking is free whereas, at the rest of the tourist places, tourists have to pay the parking charges at those places itself.

We are excelled in Large group tours in Mysore

Suppose you are coming with a large group of people we organize one-day tours for large groups from 20 to 50 people. We arrange minibus-like transport for the purpose of sightseeing. We are experienced in organizing student tours. We are certified as the best tour operators from the department of tourism in the year 2012 and 2013.

Do not forget to eat these dishes if you opt for Mysore one day tour

Mysore has it own cultural foods that are famous in throughout India. A few of them are Mysore Pak, Mysore Bonda, Mysore Mallige Idli, Churmuri, Karabath, Ragi Dose, and Mysore Masale Dose. Masale dose has its own fan base all over India only because of Mysore masala dose. Coffee and tea are the most used beverages in Mysore. IF you come out during evening a lot of food streets will be open.  The price is also comparatively less than that of the other cities.

The places you can visit on the Mysore tour is given below

Tourists places near Mysore within 150 km.

There are the countless number of tourist spots in and around Mysore. If you choose a day tour due to lack of time you cannot cover all these places. Prominent among them are Shukavana, Ganapati Sachidananda Ashrama, Karanji Lake, Railway Museum, Ontikoppal temple, Balamuri, Yedamuri, Thannur lake, Melukote, Triveni Sangama, Shivanasamudra, Gaganachukki Bharachukki Falls,  Talakadu and Shivanasamudra. There are many more tourist attractions is within 150 km distance from Mysore. If you contact us we will arrange different kinds of one-day tours.

Why to opt us for Mysore one day trip?

We are one of the best Large and small group tour operators in Mysore. We are experts in organizing customized, Personal, family, and group tours throughout Mysore. To avail of a competitive price, quick response, and excellent services contact us now.

To be precise we “Mysore Adda” are one of the subsidiaries of Mysore’s best travel agency Fox Travels. Our motto is to arrange tours in and around Mysore offering excellent tours and best customer service. “ came into existence in 2011 and encouraged us to promote tourism in this name.

Our head office is at Bangalore and the branch office is located in all parts of Karnataka. We provide the best assistance with good knowledge and provide excellent quality services to customers.

Tourists’’ Heaven Mysore’s day tour by car at the cost of Just Rs.1599/- 
Total distance covered in Mysore one day tour: 10 Hours 100 Km’s
Duration of Mysore one day tours: Daily 8 am  to 8 pm

We will come to the traveler’s place to pick them up. Example: Hotel, Railway Station, Bus stand, or anywhere else within Mysore city.

Mysore City One Day darshan includes a minimum of 200 kilometers and 40 tourist spots. Then, how can you see Mysore in one day? Minimum 2 days is required. For those who have a scarcity of time, we have listed the 15 places that are top-rated by tourists to visit in one day.

Mysore One Day sightseeing region will be in the range of 100 kilometers. Buses, auto-rickshaws, or bikes are not an apt choice for Mysore Tours. That’s because it takes about an hour to view each sightseeing spot. And to travel from one place to another it takes about 30 minutes via road. Due to lack of time, more places can’t be covered if you travel by bus or auto. Therefore a hired taxi or private car is the best choice.

Manigokul C
Manigokul C
17. August, 2022.
Our Coorg trip was too good, driver was excellent. Taking to the hotel, purchasing shops places were excellent. We didn't feel discomfort and vehicle maintenance is awesome. Thanks Driver Rajashekar and vehicle no: KA09C5706. Thanks Santosh for arranging the vehicle and wonderful driver
Sathya Kumar
Sathya Kumar
17. August, 2022.
Friendly driver... Enjoyed a lot. I am first time for coorg..
malya gowri
malya gowri
16. August, 2022.
Our trip was so good. Driver is friendly and we didn't find any discomfort during travel. Vehicle was well maintained, neat and clean. Thanks to the Driver - Mr. Raju (KA09 C 5706)
Kaushanu Sett
Kaushanu Sett
16. August, 2022.
We booked cab for 3 days Mysore and Coorg trip. We had such a nice experience. Cab condition was very good. Booking process is very easy. They also very punctual and cooperative. Driver Ravi was very friendly. We took us to all the beautiful places we wished to visit, also he explained the significance for those places. 5 star for both Mysore Adda and Ravi.
Nagesh waran
Nagesh waran
11. August, 2022.
One of the best drivers I ve been with Mr.Ravi .. he gets to know the nook and corner of mysore ..... well planned the trip according to our timing... very friendly and knows his job and place very well.... if u r planning for mysore do ask for Mr.Ravi personally....kudos to the entire travel agency
Vinod Vijayakumar
Vinod Vijayakumar
8. August, 2022.
Had gone on a 3-day Coorg trip over the Aug 5-7 weekend. The driver Mr.Ravi was courteous and very knowledgeable and acted as our guide for the places we visited. The Coorg district was having heavy rains and Mr.Ravi helped with changing our itinerary to ensure we go to other spots in the Mysore. He had good recommendations for shopping and dining as well. He supported us all the way until our drop off at the station. The only drawback was that the Etios sedan we had didn’t have a working music system, which made some of the long legs of the trip a bit tedious. But for that, I strongly recommend Mysore adda for travel and good experienced drivers.
Nasren Naaz
Nasren Naaz
6. August, 2022.
Just professional, very friendly and safe.
Sriram Rajagopalan
Sriram Rajagopalan
1. August, 2022.
Travelled to Madikkeri. Good service. Nice driver Mr.Ravi. Guided us to various places.
Rohan Bose
Rohan Bose
17. July, 2022.
We booked a two day Mysore city tour. We were assigned Ravi as our Driver. His service is one of best. He is very polite, patient and told us the story behind each and every tourist spot. The car was also clean and was in a good condition. Thank you for such a great service. I will surely book through this travel agency again !
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