What can you expect when you undertake two days tours with Mysore Adda in Mysore?

The capital city of Mysore province is proud of its history, diversity, and culture. It attracts various national and international tourists every year. Not only that, international photographers and travel blog writers choose Mysore first. And they inspire Indian and international tourists through their writings.

Mysore is renowned for its monuments, heritage buildings, palaces, temples, and also glamorous spectacular places on the banks of Kaveri river. One day’s time is not enough to watch the entire Mysore. Therefore 2 days are required for Mysore local sightseeing. Mysore is not just as a city but has transcended to remain as a tourist hub.


Day: 1 Mysore City Sightseeing Place List


Day: 2 Srirangapatna Sightseeing Place List

  1. Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple
  2. Daria Daulat Bagh
  3. Tipu Sultan Gumbaz
  4. Wellesley Bridge
  5. Karighatta viewpoint
  6. Nimishamba Temple
  7. Garrison Cemetery, Srirangapatna
  8. Scott’s Bungalow, Seringapatam
  9. Lord Harris’s House
  10. Srirangapatna Fort
  11. Bailey’s Dungeon
  12. Dodda Gosai Ghat
  13. Triveni Sangama
  14. Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary
  15. Brindavan Garden (KRS)
Mysore One Day Trip By Car
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