• Tourist Attraction Name: Blue Lagoon
  • Open and Closing Timings: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM, Everyday
  • Entry Fee : Indians: Adults Free Children: Free,
  • Foreigners: Adult: Free
    Foreigners Children: Free
  • Trip Duration (Including Travel): 4-5 Hours
  • Main Attractions: Boating And 150 Types of Birds
  • Parking Fees : Bus: Rs.150, Car: Rs.60
  • Boating Charges : Indians: Adults Rs. 100 Children: Rs.35,
    Foreigners: Adult: Rs.500
    Foreigners Children: Rs.250
  • Nearest City: Srirangapatna, Mysore
  • Best Time to Visit: June to November
  • Camera Charges: Rs.150 for Large Camera
  • Transportation Options: Bus / Cab
  • Landmark: Near Brindavan Gardens, Mandya
  • Address: Near Brindavan gardens, Krishnarajasagar
    Dam Road, Mandya, Karnataka, 571401, India
  • Location: Mandya district, Karnataka
  • Phone Number: 09945175656

This Temple was constructed as per the Agamoktha system, idols were installed on the basis of Shivapanchayathan. Here Sri Nimishambhadevi, with Sreechakra Sri Moukthikeshwara Swamy and Sri Lakshmi Narayana Swamy god`s idols of Surya Deva, Ganapathi, and Hunuman.

During the period of 1578 to 1617, this Srirangapatna becomes the capital city of Mysore, during that period, Raja Wodeyar of Mysore installed Sri Nimishambhadevi, and constructed this Temple Background of formation of Sri Nimishambhadevi and speciality of Shreechakra.

As per the instructions of Sri Sri Parameshwara decided to conduct Poundareeka Yaga by Sumanaska for the benefit of earth/world, as per he given the responsibilities of this yaga to Mukthaka Rushi who is real Shiva. This matter was came to the Knowledge of Sriman narada by Janu and Sumandalas and they decided to abolish and giving troubles to this Yaga and consulted with their Guru (Teacher) Shukracharya in this matter, The said Janu and Sumandalas sent their army along with their ministers namely Shoorabahu and Ghatodaras, Their army was abolished and breaked by Mukthaka in a second of time, This matter heard by the said Janu and Sumandalas become angry and they prepared to conduct war along with Mukthaka Rushi personally and the battle going on strongly, In this said war Mukthaka defeated by them. All the weapons held by Mukthaka was became no use and useless, The defeated person in the war Mukthaka prayed with the Parvathi, in a second of time the said Parvathi, came out from the Yagnakunda. The Janu and Sumandalas were able to get a blessing (Vara) from Brahma which well Known to the Parvathi that they taken this blessing from Brahma that their deaths were not be happened with any weapons and Parvathidevi killed them on her sixth sence and observed for completion of the Yaga, with this the said Mukthaka Rushi became very happy and he used the word of O Jaganmathe, Nimishambha, due to this Nimishambha name came to Parvathidevi.

In front of Idol of Shree Nimishambha Amma Bhooprastara, Krishnashila Sreechakra existing, In this Sreechakra very specialisted Beejakshara, Moolamanthra written and which is a rare sree chakra in the whole world. This Sri Nimishambhadevi become famous in fulfilling the prayers of the devotees immediately.

This temple Situated about 19 Kms distance from Mysore City and 128 km Distance from Bangalore City.


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